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Digital Experiences Made Better!

Welcome to Qum Technologies, an innovative Digital Technology company known for its out-of-the-box thinking that helps businesses succeed. We help you to explore the essence of your business and work out the best solutions for your goals.

We are known to be one of the best and creative web design agency in the UK.


Collaborative & Accelerated

Our overall approach is fuelled by an outside-in, customer-led perspective.


Whether you are a startup or a big brand, we believe that to truly accelerate growth and effectiveness in every business, there must be a fusion of;


  • Customer experience

  • Strategy and consulting

  • Technology engineering and execution

This is our approach in helping you to build platforms that create new opportunities and accelerate business value.

Customer Experience

We help you to spot where innovation in customer experience hasn’t already happened and suggest ways to improve on that. Our team of experts are trained to apply Design Thinking principles and practical ways to give your business the best!

Strategy & Consulting

We help you to identify your business needs and goals and build a strategy from there. Our team of skilled Strategy consultants will review the way your business works from end to end and identify your business pain points and their root causes, developing sustainable solutions that will support your business and promote future growth.

Designing an Application

Next Generation Technologies

We build platforms that create new opportunities and accelerate business value. Our innovative Web & App development are an ideal way of delivering online solutions which can be accessed using a range of devices and platforms via a web browser.


Qum Technologies offers a wide range of consulting services to serve a variety of businesses and clients. Whether you’re a small, local business or a multinational corporation, we can help you reach new levels of success. We have been busy over the years and have a solid track record of delivering success to businesses. 



Network Rail

Provided Analysis service for Network Rail's Enterprise Content Management Programme.



Boston Consulting Group

We contributed to BCG's Communication and Collaboration program

Website Mockup

We are extremely happy with the website that Qum Technologies have created for us and the process was very smooth from start to finish. Our brand new website is visually appealing, clean, easy to navigate and responsive – everything we asked for. Toyin was a pleasure to work with and has always been open to offering advice and support even post launch. We would definitely recommend Qum Technologies to others.

Alfred - Swansea, Wales

Contact us today for a no-obligation Design Consultation!


Join Qum and become part of our great community of diverse workers.

Similing Team
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